Welcome To MakeYourOwnQRCodes.net

In today’s fast paced world of technology, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to believe that a technology developed by the automotive industry would evolve into a tool for hobbyists of all sorts. Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, were first developed to track manufactured vehicles and car parts. Now that we live in the era of smart phones, this same technology has been brought to the masses to use in any way that our imaginations see fit.

QR Codes are read by barcode scanning applications that are common to smart phones and other devices that are app-ready. QR codes are very versatile in the sense that they can contain all sorts of data and are not limited in their appearance. Anyone who has ever purchased anything in the modern world is familiar with the barcodes that we find on retail products. QR Codes work the same way, but their appearance differs a bit. Usually, QR Codes are square and have the digitized code within them. They are scanned the same way as a typical barcode, but they are used for far more than just ringing out one’s purchase at a cash register.

Scan a QR Code instantly receive or send information, applications, date, music, recipes, donations, etc… The possibilities are endless. And the conveniences that they offer can breathe new life into classic hobbies and bring them into the modern era.

Perhaps you are a musician trying to get your songs out to the people. Set up a QR Code at performances and allow people to scan it for free songs and to sign them up for you mailing list. For amateur bakers there are edible QR Codes to incorporate into your tasty treats to share recopies or perhaps the info on how to buy more delicacies from you. Bring modern technology with you into the wilderness and go geocaching with QR Codes. Instantly let other geocaching enthusiasts see your progress and help keep an online log of where you have been and which trinkets you have found.

QR Codes in common use don’t have to replace the time tested practices and methods for your favorite hobbies, but they can give you new purpose with them. Now we can share our passions like never before, while preserving the fundamental basics of each one. In a social media obsessed world, sharing information and ideas is what it’s all about. And what better way to share than an instant scan of a code.

In short, QR Codes bring you instantly to your favorite activities and passions, just as you can bring those same things instantly to others. The purpose of this site is to help you find ideas for using QR Codes to update your favorite past times, as well as to give you ideas for sharing the things that you love with literally anyone with a QR Code scanning application/device.