Make Your Own QR Codes In Baking


Even reality TV has seen a surge of popularity in shows about confectionary teats. Cup cakes and show stopping cakes are all the rage. So it only stands to reason that baking these elaborate or just tasty treats would start to also surge in popularity as a hobby. And what better way to share recipes or bakery info than with edible QR Codes?!

Yes, that’s right. You can purchase sheets of edible QR Codes to embellish your delicious masterpieces with. Simply adhere the code with a little frosting and viola! But you might ask yourself what the point of that is. And quite honestly, you are really only limited to your own imagination.

Perhaps you simply want to share your recipe with anyone who’s interested. Adding a small edible QR Code to the decoration on your delicacy can allow those who are interested to scan it and instantly download the recipe to their smart phone/scanning device. This also gives the amateur bakers a great way to stay organized. Having a digital copy of a recipe is much easier to store than a scrap piece of paper. And at a time where we all need to be conscious of our environment, this is a great way to share a recipe and go green! No paper would have to be used at all.

Maybe you are not sharing your secret recipe, but rather showing off how you made you extravagantly decorated item. One would simply have to set up the QR Code to instantly provide a download of pictures or videos that show you creating your masterpiece. This would go over well at cake shows.

Edible QR Codes are not limited to benefiting master confectioners or pastry chefs either. With a little innovation, QR Codes can bring your bake sale or charity event to new heights as well.

One time tested method of amateur fundraising is the bake sale. Whether it’s for a school or charity, QR Codes can bring modern technology to your simple box-mix frosted brownies too! By adding some edible QR codes, the codes can be set up to open the Internet browser of the person scanning the code. Simply have the code send them to a site where they can make a charitable donation securely. Digitally collect the $1 donation for your homemade treats and make the sale without handling a single cent! And never let the excuse of “I don’t carry cash” keep your coffers empty ever again.

Professional bakeries can benefit from edible QR Codes as well. Providing coupons and/or business details in the form of a free sample cupcake would certainly be more appealing to consumers than a paper coupon. And what a way to make a memorable impression!