Make Your Own QR Codes In Beauty and Fashion

Cosmetology and Beauty

It doesn’t matter if you work in a high-end salon or if you cut hair out of your home on the weekend. The beauty industry demands that you pay a lot of attention to your clientele. By providing your customers with QR Codes, you could give them that special attention that they have been craving.

Style and fashion are forever evolving and changing. Whether you are doing hair, make-up or nails, people want what is trendy and most suited for them. By programming your QR Codes to send them to the best beauty blog, a video style tutorial, or maintenance tips on your website, you could keep that client coming back for more.

Hairstyles are forever changing. As any woman can tell you, sometimes making a drastic change to one’s look can be a vey scary thing! Hair always looks great when it’s fresh out of the salon, but many of us wonder if we will be able to replicate the styling at home. What a courtesy it would be for your customers if you could give them refresher courses on the styling any time they needed it! Make a QR Code ready and available to them and they can download a video tutorial to go back to reference any time they need it!

Getting one’s nails done is a luxurious and pampering experience. A simple treat for your clientele would be to make a QR Code available to them to send them maintenance tips. From the best lotions to use to prevent the nails from drying out to just general information as to how long the polish or acrylic nail will last will help your customer know exactly what to expect, and hopefully keep them coming back for a long time.

And of course if you have a small business where you have retail beauty products to sell, QR Codes can help you keep your customers informed and provide you with their contact information so that you can keep them continuously updated. By properly setting up your QR Code, you can have it send your client information or promotional coupons for your retail products that they purchase. But when they scan it they will also be given the option to get email updates on any sales or new beauty products that you have available.