Make Your Own QR Codes For Business Cards

Business Cards

With the Internet making business profiles, reviews, and price comparisons so readily available, it’s hard to sometimes really make someone take the time to listen as to why you are the obvious choice. Adding a QR Code to your business cards could really make you stand out from the pack.

Typically, a business card will give the name of the business, the particular person with whom you are dealing with, and their contact information. Perhaps they might have a small area to VERY briefly describe what the business does. As far as promotional materials go, most people would agree that business cards are not the most effective promotional materials, but mostly used to provide contact information.

With a QR Code incorporated into the design of your business care you can now have the option to give your potential client so much more information. Perhaps you can provide them with a video commercial for your business. Instantly provide them with comparisons of you and your competitors to immediately show thm exactly why you are the best. Or maybe you could include audio files that give testimonials for your business. A document file showing business reviews, awards and/or achievements would be another way to stand out.

With the economy being in a recession and competition being stronger than ever, your potential clients will be intrigued by the novel idea of learning everything about your company by the simple process of pint, click, and scan. QR Codes are a great way to turn basic business card into highly effective promotional materials.