Make Your Own QR Codes In Classifieds


When you are trying to sell things on your own, your competition is basically everyone on Craigslist, the newspaper’s classified ads, and anyone who stuck a sign with a price on one of their personal belongings. Buying anything off of a stranger can be unnerving, and by adding a QR Code to your classified ads you can ease the trepidations of potential buyers.

Firstly, classified ads in the paper usually charge by the word or line. And trying to accurately describe the item that you are selling can get costly. Now with a QR Code embedded into the ad, you can write a very brief summary and let the scanned QR Code retrieve a plethora of info for your curious customer. They can instantly download everything that they need to know about the product, while you only paid for minimal ad space.

Selling a car is common for people to do through ads when they are upgrading their own vehicle. But it is also very common for people to just stick a “For Sale” sign in the window of the car along with a phone number. Whether the ad is in the paper, online, or in the window of your old Chevy, a QR Code could be the key to selling the car faster. Setting up the code to retrieve the CarFax ® for the automobile will answer any of the buyers questions. And it also helps them see that you are reputable enough to make all of the info available to them right off the bat.

People often sale animals in classified ads as well. And again, sometimes limited ad space can make it expensive to fully explain why someone should purchase from you. With a QR Code you can instantly provide them with that insight. If you are a breeder you can have the code send the person scanning it information about your breeding experience and testimonials about other animals that you have sold. If you are just a person trying to sell the accidental litter of puppies that your family dog had then you can simply have the code provide breed information to anyone who is curious.

It can also be scary to sell things online. Sometimes people who have no intention of buying the item that you have for sale will use classified ads to get personal contact information. A QR Code would be a great way to protect one’s self from anyone like that. By attaching the QR code to your classified ad you can have it send the person who scanned it to a secure contact form. This way they can fill out the form to get a hold of you and let you know that they are interested, without ever seeing any of your personal contact information.