Make Your Own QR Codes In Education

The Classroom

There is nothing that is more important than educating our children. Children are curious and every generation seems to be more adept in technology than the last. It only makes sense that technology has made its ay into the classroom. And it’s not shocking at all to see that QR Codes are being introduced into the learning process.

With things like cell phones and the iPod Touch replacing the traditional toys of yesteryear, kids are becoming mobile technology ready. A child having these mobile devices at the ready is not something that everyone agrees with, but it seems to be the way our society is going. If kids are going to have these devices with applications constantly at their fingertips, it only make sense that we as adults help them use them as learning tools.

Teachers now have the golden opportunity of using QR Codes as learning tools and teaching aids. By adding a QR Code to a homework assignment, a child could instantly check their answers. A library book could easily be checked out and checked in with a quick QR Code scan. QR Codes could enhance any reading assignment as well. Whether is a video with more information about the topic they are studying or pictures offering a visual aid, teachers can make a wealth of information available to their students to pair with the most basic of text books.

Some museums ever use QR Codes to provide more historical or educational info about their exhibits. It’s not uncommon to se a QR Code in an information plaque. With a quick scan a student or teacher could become an expert tour guide for a museum field trip. Usually the QR Code will send the person scanning it an audio file that they can listen to which explains the exhibit in greater detail.

Educational scavenger hunts have also never been so easy to set up for a teacher. Simply mark an educational item with a QR Code and let the children hunt them down with educational clue and scan them one by one.