Make Your Own QR Codes In Fashion

Fashion and Design

With the rise of the internet and sites like Etsy, not to mention amateur store account on eBay ®, anyone with talent and a sewing machine can be a clothing and accessory designer. It’s not quite the same as owning one’s own boutique, but having an outlet to sell ones fashions online has opened doors for people from all walk of life to get into fashion and design.

Large clothing labels have being sold on retail department stores and big advertising budgets to get their clothing out there. QR Codes can’t put an independent, amateur designer in the same league as these big-time labels, but they can help boost awareness for amateur designers.

It’s common for these amateur fashion, clothing, and jewelry designers to participate in craft fairs or set up vendor stalls in approved locations. With a well placed QR code stitched into a clothing tag or placed amongst the items one is selling, they can instantly provide the scanner with info on their brand, the types of materials that they use, mailing list information, or perhaps tips on styling and accessorizing each look.

If you are a designer that works in the deconstructed/DIY vein, which has become popular, a QR Code in the label could be a fun way to have the person scanning them get pictures of the clothes that wee taken apart and used to make the look. Designer that only use green textiles and materials could use the code to give the person scanning the code a list of all the green materials that went into the eco friendly garment.

For vintage clothing, adding a QR code into the label can also allow someone to track the history of the piece. Start off with a download that provides any known background on the piece and then maybe add a place that shows how many different owners the piece has had.

And as always, if you are trying to sell you pieces, QR Codes are the go-to technology to provide your clients with free treats like promo codes as well as signing them up for emailing lists and updates.

Some clothing lines actually incorporate QR Codes into the design of their looks. This is usually for any number of promotional reasons, but it’s still a new trend that could be building steam. Artistic designs can likewise be incorporated into QR Codes so that a logo or picture can appear in the code, but the code is still completely scannable. The clothing brand logos that we all know could soon start appearing in QR Code form to provide offers and info to people in the future. Embedding and artistic logo into a QR Code is usually more than a free QR Code generator is capable of. A professional barcode technology company might have to be the channel that one goes through to obtain something more elaborate than that.