Make Your Own QR Codes In Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Most of us are familiar with garage sales. Whether we have been the traveling bargain hunters searching for deals in other peoples’ driveways or the actual sellers themselves, it’s an American tradition we all know. What better way to part with old possessions that we once loved than to send them off to new homes and make a little money along the way?

While garage sales are a great way to clear out your clutter and make a little money, they can also be tedious to set up and manage. Organization is the key to a successful garage sale. An inventory is a great way to start. And sometimes the vast collections of stuff can be a little overwhelming. Maybe giving access to that list of things for sale would help more people spot hidden treasures amongst your soon-to-be former belongings. You can give people just that, as well as an accurate price list with a homemade QR Code!

We’ve all tried to find the perfect way to price things and keep everything organized in our own garage sales, and with a quick scan it could get a lot easier. Placing a QR Code in a central location for people to scan and having it send the scanner to a detailed list of items for sale could benefit everyone. Answer everyone’s questions about the origin, background, or specifications on an item ahead of time. After all, usually there are only a small number of people overseeing the garage sale. Trying to answer question and manage money and sales at the same time could get to be too much at a well attended sale.

Sometimes it’s also difficult to keep track of how items are priced. Stickers can get peeled off and items from an “All for $5” table can easily get switched to the “All for $1” table. It’s true that half of the fun of a garage sale can be dickering and haggling over the price. But it’s easier for both parties to get what they want if they have easy access to information on how the item was originally priced on our QR Code obtained inventory and price list.

There always seems to be a passer by that falls in love with an item but has failed to bring any cash with them. This is another example of how having a QR Code set up to forward the person scanning it to secure payment information can benefit the person having a garage sale. Some people don’t expect to need more than a few dollars at a garage sale, but for those times that they absolutely have to have a bigger ticket item, give them the ease, convenience, and piece of mind by using a QR Code so that they can pay you without cash!