Make Your Own QR Codes In Gardening


Gardening can be a fun, educational, therapeutic, and lucrative hobby. Sharing the wonders that your garden produces with others can be just as rewarding as it was to yield a plant from a seed or bulb. Whether you are an amateur gardening or a garden society/club, QR codes can take the experience of your garden and use it to enlighten people on new levels.

For advanced gardeners, things like growing hybrids and/or a special genus of plants can be a remarkable and educational process. It is becoming a more common site to go to botanical gardens and find a QR Code near a plaque identifying the plant you are admiring. These QR Codes bring instant enlightenment to the curious onlookers. Point, click, and scan to find out the plants origins and the possible process that was needed to cultivate and grow it. This means that by adding a QR Code near your most proud cultivations, you can share the process and knowledge with whomever was interest. Now even the most novice naturist can become an expert botanical tour guide.

So many wonders come from the soil, but you could also be growing something that has potential dangers to it as well. Some plants are poisonous and adding a near by QR Code that explains the potential hazards of dangerous plants, people can educate themselves on the proper identification, use, and handling of these plants. For example, set up your QR Code next to your Monkshood plant to bring the person scanning it information on the plant. It’s also known as Wolfsbane and is incredibly poisonous. With a quick scan, you’ve just helped someone identify and educate himself or herself on a plant they definitely do not want to mix into their homemade herbal tea!

And for those who are more focused on their vegetable gardens, you can also share a wealth of info when displaying your fresh produce! Many amateur gardeners can make a little money with roadside stands or farmers market kiosks. By adding a QR Code near your price signs you can instantly give your potential customers access to recipes, preparation tips and allergy information. Your fruits and vegetables coming with free recipes and preparation tips will help people pare the produce just the way that they were meant to be. And by describing allergy symptoms and what to do if the occur can give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe.

And for most basic of gardeners, including a QR Code that document the growth and development of your prized plant can just be and interesting and educational look on your journey to entering it in a fair or competition.