Make Your Own QR Codes In Geocaching


Geocaching is an exciting hobby for adventurers. It gives people who love the outdoors to go on a scavenger hunt for trinkets, using navigation skills to find where x marks the spot. There aren’t usually treasure maps, but more likely coordinates given by latitude and longitude. The coordinates come from other geocachers and message boards ad social media communities are the most popular ways of sharing coordinates. Then, depending on the skill level or tools available, the geocacher goes out into the wilderness to track down the location. The common practice is that there will be some sort of trinket left at the desired location. When someone finds it or digs it up, they can take the trinket but they need to leave something in its place. Sometimes there will be a guest book to log who has recovered the make shift artifact. Other times people simply return home and log their finds online.

So how do QR Codes come into play when practicing a past time that largely takes place out in nature?

Many people already use their smart phones to navigate them selves towards a geocaching destination with GPS applications. Since technology already comes into play while traveling to the x on one’s map, it stands to reason that it would also be useful once they get there. By placing a QR Code at the scene of a geocaching site, we can now instantly log our arrival. And logging your exploits on your mobile device is just part of it. The right QR Codes will also allow you to share the info with online geocaching communities by posting what your found and where you found it.

The QR Code can instantly make your peers aware of your find and provide them with specific data. The QR codes do not take away anything from your outdoor adventure, but rather add to it. Geocachers can still enjoy their oneness with nature, but they can share the experience with modern technology.