Make Your Own QR Codes In Music


Music is universal. Whether you are the one who makes the music or just a fan, QR Codes can bring your love of music to a whole new level. The purpose of making music if for the music to be heard. What better way to get music instantly than with a quick scan of a code on your smart phone?

Most musicians are well aware that just getting their music to the masses can be an uphill battle. For local artists, just playing regular gigs is not always enough. And since some people are reluctant to spend money on buying new music without hearing it first, it can be hard to spread one’s musical talents by just trying to sell the music independently.

Most small-time artists have to put a lot of their own money into recording their music, and unless they are independently wealthy, taking the chance on paying to have the recording made and then produced into common forms of media can be risky. Studio time isn’t cheap, high quality home recording software isn’t cheap, and pressing CD’s for sale and distribution is not cheap. And there is absolutely no guarantee that one will recoup their expenses by trying to sell the recordings. If only there was a way to instantly provide people with free samples of one’s music…

This is where QR codes come in. Now that it is so easy for people to make their own QR Codes, musicians can give samples of their music and get info from their concert attendees to keep them coming back for more!

One helpful method is to create a QR Code to place on an artists merchandise table, or perhaps simple along side someone busking on a street corner. A QR Code can be set up to provide the person scanning it with a free download of one’s music. Instantly put a free sample of your tunes into the hands of a music lover on the go. Gone are the days of vinyl pressings that are certainly far from mobile. With a properly set up QR Code you can now instantly provide a digital copy of your music to anyone. And this certainly benefits any music lover that is looking to broaden their horizons without gambling a lot of their money on an artist that they are unfamiliar with.

While this is great for music fans, it can also be wildly beneficial to the musicians as well. It’s a wonderful thing to give your music to someone and find out that they enjoy it. But QR Codes can also keep them coming back for more.

Sharing your music with others to get them interested is hard enough. Once you get someone hooked, how do you then also keep them informed on where they can get more? QR Codes let you instantly provide the listener with a free sample, so your best bet is to set up the QR code so that it gives you a little something in return as well.

With a quick scan that allows the listener to get a sample song, it can also instantly sign up the music lover for your mailing list. Besides social media sites, emailing lists are a great way for artists to share information about their acts online. Send people you schedule of gigs and shows as well as any other appearances or information that will give your fans a chance to see more. Clipboards with spaces for people to sign up with messy handwriting or misspelled email addresses are obsolete. Now sign them up instantly, digitally, and legitimately. With the use of a QR Code you can offer free downloads and get their contact info in return. This technology is a great way to make fans and keep them!