Make Your Own QR Codes In Politics

Politics and Activism

When you have a belief in a message or cause, sometimes it’s hard to spread that message in a way that does not turn people off. People often to don’t want to stop and take time out of their day to listen to someone on a soap box. QR Codes are a simple way to give people a no pressure option that is more likely to intrigue them than annoy them.

By adding a QR Code to a flyer or handout you give the people you are trying to reach a choice to enlighten themselves or not. Some topics are uncomfortable for people to discuss in public and a discrete QR Code could give them an instant download of a video message to watch or a document file to read at their leisure. And you can give people who are already sympathetic to your message a new way to participate with you. Also, politics and activism can scare people away even if they might potentially agree with you. By giving them a QR Code to scan for more info, their curiosity about a novel new feature like that might help them overcome any nervousness about potential conflict.

With a properly programmed QR Code you can have someone make a donation quickly, easily, and safely. Maybe have the QR Code take them to a poll they can cast their vote in on a hot button issue. You can find out what the man on the street think and share the results instantly and effectively.