Make Your Own QR Codes In Restaurants


Another industry that can benefit from QR Codes is the restaurant industry. It would be a very simple task for restaurant owners to place QR Codes on their menus, and it’s not uncommon to see them on table settings with advertisements and or promotions.

A QR Code could easily bring a diner to a website where they could view nutritional data for their meal. Many restaurants are now posting information like calorie counts on their menus. Some are required to do so by law. Imagine how much important nutritional info could be shared immediately with patrons. Food allergy information with just a quick scan could be something that is greatly appreciated and helps make loyal customers.

The codes can also benefit diners in the sense that they have access to updated promotions and advertisements for their favorite restaurants. In times of economic struggles such as the ones we now face daily, a discount coupon in any for would be a welcome site.

Another way to have QR Codes help make your restaurant business stand out would be to use a QR Codes to help patrons figure out the tips for their servers. A QR code that delivers data for a website that has a tip calculator on it would be very easy to set up. And most people hate having to do the math on their own to figure out a proper tip. So in general, QR codes can serve both the patrons and owners of restaurants.