Make Your Own QR Codes In Resumes


Job hunting is not something that would necessarily be classified as a hobby, but in today’s economy it is an activity that many people are familiar with. With so many people competing for a dwindling number of jobs, it can be almost imperative to make your resume stand out from the pack. A QR Code placed within a resume could do exactly that.

It’s not uncommon to submit a resume and not hear anything back. Many of us have the thought that if only we could have spoken to our would be employer to plead our case first. If they just got to see and hear a bit more than we could fit on a single page resume, which is standard, maybe we could have caught their interest. By placing a QR Code on a resume you can get that face time that you wanted. Set the code up to deliver a video directly to their smart phone. A video resume where you get to say more about yourself and experience will show that you put a lot of forethought into your quest for employment. Employers can now put a face and voice to the name on the paper. It’s not a magic trick that will guarantee you employment, but it’s a great way to get in all the extras that you just can’t fit on one piece of paper.

If the line of work that you are trying to get into may not benefit from a video resume, then a QR Code can still help you pack a little extra punch by in instant digital download of your portfolio of professional work. If you are a photographer, artist, architect, etc… you usually have to provide a portfolio of your work for review. How clever it would be to give your would-be employer a quick digital download of this portfolio. It absolutely can’t replace the hard copies, but it guarantees that they will have your work to look at and review in as much detail as they want since they will have it with them on their mobile device. A clever touch like that will hopefully again make you stand out.

And if you are going into a more service-based field, having great references and testimonials to your work would definitely pack a punch. We have all filled out applications that ask us for personal or professional references. It’s not uncommon to wonder if anyone even actually ever follows up on theses references. But to have a QR Code instantly provide written or video testimonials to your work and performance would give greater insight as to how others have responded positively to your work.

The extra effort of setting up a QR Code for your resume is bound to be recognized and the best part is that after the initial set up has been done, it is more of a convenience for you! You don’t have to make the desperate phone calls asking if anyone has viewed your application because a QR Code can also be set up to help you track who has viewed your digital resume companion! Simply set up the code to log the device that has scanned it, when it was scanned, and how many times it was accessed. Now you’ll know exactly who needs to be contacted for a follow up and who doesn’t!