Make Your Own QR Codes For Silent Auctions

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are a great way for organizations and groups to make money, and they are also great fun to participate in. Traditional auctions involve an auctioneer that will announce the item that is being auctioned off. Then, after giving a description of the piece, the madness usually begins with fast paced biding until the highest bid wins. Silent auctions are a much more low key version of this.

Usually, in a Silent auction, an item or a picture/description of an item will be on display. The would-be bidders are asked to write their bids down on a sheet paper and submit them. And just like a traditional auction, the highest bidder gets the prize. There is no auctioneer announcing who bid and how much, and it’s not uncommon for these to take through the mail as well.

Now imagine how QR codes can evolve this simple practice into a digital event. With the right QR Code, a quick scan of a code can provide greater detail on the item that is being auctioned off. Imagine how many more potential bidders there could be when they know they can instantly receive a full break down of an item, versus a quick introduction that is rattled off by an auctioneer. The convenience, speed, and ease of point, click, and scan is also sure to appeal to more people.

The incorporation of QR Codes into a silent auction can also be advantageous for the people or group that is holding and managing the auction. The QR Code scan can easily log the bids and easily keep track of who made the highest bid and what the bid amount is actually for. Then both parties can benefit from the QR Code directing them to an easy, safe, and secure way to make their payment like PayPal.

QR Codes would also make it much easier to hold a silent auction remotely. By sending a flyer in the mail with a QR Code on it, potential bidders from anywhere in the world could place their bid and alert the auctioneer immediately. Bids could be logged and displayed in real time, and with the proper program, people could be alerted when they are out bid. It makes the premise behind eBay available to any and all organizations and groups of all sizes. From presentation to bidding to collecting payment, QR codes can help even the smallest group have a potential global silent auction in digital form.