Make Your Own QR Codes In Woodworking


Woodworking is a hobby that requires a great deal of skill and attention to detail. Woodworking hobbyists put a lot of time and effort into their craft. Making furniture, toys, and décor from wood is an age old past time and never seems to wane in popularity. The materials and tools that go into the hobby can sometimes be expensive and this paired with the extensive time that can go into means that the finished product is obviously something meant to be used or seen.

In woodworking, there are many outlets for one to show off or even sell the fruits of their labor. Craft fairs, woodworking expos, and online stores on places like eBay ® are great ways to get one’s work out there. Incorporating QR Codes into one’s woodworking projects can really make your finished products stand out.

It’s not uncommon for woodworkers to have some sort of labeling or stamping system to mark their work. Often, those interested in marking their work will buy customized tools that allow them to etch their mark right into the wood. A wood burning tool that leaves a customized stamp burned into the wood works well and is easy to purchase. By purchasing a customized stamp with a QR Code incorporated in it, those who enjoy the crafter’s work will now have the option of finding a lot more out from the stamp than just who made it.

The woodworker can put a specific stamp on each piece that can instantly tell the person who scanned it the materials used. Perhaps even sales info could be provided if the crafter was looking to sell their wares. The QR Code could also be a great way for a woodworker to share their original plans and schematics for the project. QR Codes at a woodworker expo could provide a smorgasbord of new projects for anyone with a smart phone. The sky is the limit for anyone who is willing to embed the codes into their work.